Delivery and return
Delivery and return

ESTIMATED TIME OF ARRIVAL (Process + Shipping time)

3 – 7 days


  1. The above timeframe is only applied for orders to the US with standard shipping method (“days” here is “business days”)
  2. The majority of our orders are processed and shipped within the timeframe we offer above. However, the time period above is only approximate and can differ in individual cases. Some items/orders may require a longer ship-out and/or delivery timeframe.
  3. Due to unforeseeable delivery bottlenecks with our suppliers as well as delivery companies, deliveries may be delayed a little bit. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause to you.
  4. Holiday shipping: Due to certain US and International Holidays, especially in peak seasons, orders may take longer to ship out.. We’re so sorry for this inconvenience and hope that you can understand for us.
  5. International orders: It may take additional days if orders have to go through customs. We have no influence on the customs process and apologize for any inconvenience due to delivery delays resulting from this.
Shipping Information
Shipping Information

How to Check/Track order status?

  • If your order has been shipped out, a Tracking Number will be sent to you via email.
  • You can track your order via our Track your order Page.
  • Contact Our Customer Service at: service@abc10383.sg-host.com if you have any doubts referring to your orders.
Composition and care
Composition and care

1. Upper Material

The upper part of your shoes plays a significant role in comfort and aesthetics. Our shoes feature a variety of upper materials, including:

  • Genuine Leather: Known for its durability and classic look, genuine leather uppers provide a timeless appeal.
  • Synthetic Leather: Lightweight and easy to maintain, synthetic leather offers a versatile choice.
  • Mesh Fabric: Ideal for breathability, mesh fabric uppers keep your feet cool during physical activities.

2. Sole Material

The sole of your shoes determines traction and impact absorption. We offer different sole materials to suit various activities:

  • Rubber Soles: Known for their excellent grip, rubber soles provide stability on various surfaces.
  • EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate): Lightweight and cushioned, EVA soles offer comfort and shock absorption.
  • TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane): Provides durability and resistance to abrasion, making it suitable for outdoor activities.

3. Insole Material

The insole is where your foot makes direct contact with the shoe. Our insoles are designed for comfort and support:

  • Memory Foam: Conforms to your foot's shape, providing personalized cushioning and support.
  • Orthopedic Insoles: Designed for optimal arch support and alignment, promoting foot health.
  • EVA Foam: Lightweight and shock-absorbing, EVA foam insoles enhance overall comfort.

4. Lining Material

The lining of your shoes contributes to moisture management and breathability:

  • Textile Lining: Offers moisture-wicking properties, keeping your feet dry.
  • Leather Lining: Provides a luxurious feel and helps regulate temperature.


Designed for long expeditions and rugged conditions, the Salomon Quest 4 GTX is a grippy and supportive hiking shoe. Step into a SensiFit™ with a waterproof GORE-TEX membrane to stay secure and dry during your adventures. The ADV-C 4D Chassis guides your foot to provide stability on uneven terrain. Find your footing on rugged surfaces with the Contagrip® TD outsole. When fatigue sets in and your backpack feels like bricks, count on the Salomon Quest 4 GTX to take you to the mountain top!

What’s New?

  • ADV-C 4D Chassis guides the foot to provide stability on rugged terrain.

Who’s it for?

  • Avid backpackers and long distances hikers who need a durable shoe that can support their rugged explorations.

Shoe Technology

Upper: SensiFit™ upper forms to your foot to provide a secure, customized fit. GORE-TEX® waterproof membrane offers protection in wet conditions. Active Support wings hold your foot in place and accompany movement, adapting to its shape and gait. Protective toecap and mudguard defend against abrasion and debris.

Midsole: EnergyCell midsole reduces impact from every step to alleviate pressure on your joints. ADV-C 4D Chassis provides extra support around the heel and helps reduce muscle fatigue, especially with a heavy backpack.

Outsole: Contagrip® TD outsole offers excellent traction on off-road surfaces.